Optimizing how you work with brands on social media

Basis Technologies is excited to be one of the sponsors for Social Media Day 2022! As part of us helping support the day’s efforts, we wanted to introduce Basis Technologies (formerly Centro) to those who might not be aware of our company.  Since 2000, Basis has helped brands and agencies navigate the increasingly complex digital media landscape. We are committed to developing software and services to support our clients evolving needs. Social media marketing is one area that seems to be growing at a breakneck speed, and we are routinely asked to help support our agencies in these channels.

Every week, Social Media marketers are getting rocked by the changing ecosystem, loss of cookie data, and the need to expand beyond the cluttered social media feeds on Meta. While some agencies are left stumbling, Basis Technologies ensures our agency partners are ahead of the sharp curves of social space and can activate the latest capabilities and best practices. 

Basis Technologies houses a team of over 40 dedicated Paid Social Media experts stationed across the US – with breadth and depth across 500+ brands in 2021 alone. Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked hard to establish top-tier partnerships across social platforms. A snapshot of what working with us looks like:

  • Top 10 Global Spender on Meta! 
  • Premium Facebook Partnership including first-in-line access to exclusive alpha/beta/funded opportunities
  • Support from a dedicated agency and client-level partner representatives across platforms including Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap, Reddit, and Twitter.
  • Comprehensive fee structure covering the full-service offering, including pre-planning, market research, cross-platform execution and optimization, audits, analytics dashboard, advanced measurement, 3P ad serving licenses, ongoing education, and access to alpha/beta + partnership extension.
  • Basis – our proprietary software driving omnichannel efficiency, so our team spends more time optimizing your media