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Ryan Burchinow

Ryan Burchinow

Vice President, Digital Activation
CMI Media Group

Over the past 15 years, Ryan has worked across various consumer-related and regulated industries including fintech and pharma. During his tenure in the social/digital landscape Ryan has built social presences from the ground up moving from a crawl, walk, run, fly process in both the organic and paid arenas focusing on both long-term brand strategies and day-to-day direct response modeling.

This broad perspective gives Ryan a holistic picture and understanding of both product-specific goals and long-term vision for the parent company as well as a unique understanding of how social contributes amongst all of the corresponding channels both online and offline.

Ryan is a futurist at heart and always keeps an eye out on new evolving tech to complement or enhance targeting, messaging and delivery of campaigns to best communicate client stories to the appropriate targets and ultimately get the right message to the right person at the right time.