Boss Letter

Let Us Help You Convince Your Boss!

If you would like to convince your boss to buy you a membership, check out this sample email!

Dear _(boss)_,

I’d like your approval to become a member of Social Media Day PHL and attend the annual conference on June 29, 2023 at the Ralph J. Roberts Forum in the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia.

The conference is the most prominent gathering of communications professionals in the Philadelphia area, and this year’s event is members-only.

I sincerely appreciate opportunities to grow as a professional in our company, and I’m very excited about this conference because:

  • There’s an impressive line-up of social media, marketing, and communications leaders who will discuss insights, opportunities, and strategies that will positively impact our team.
  • Hands-on workshops will give me an opportunity to learn new tools and techniques and improve my skills right away,
  • Social media platforms and best practices are constantly changing. I feel it’s important to stay on top of what’s new, what’s possible, and what’s next.

By becoming a member of Social Media Day PHL, not only will I be able to attend the conference, but I’ll also get access to exclusive programs, workshops, and a community of social media, communications, and digital marketing professionals at every level. I’d be happy to share relevant information with other team members and departments from the conference and the other programs offered throughout the year. It truly is a great value at $249.

I’d kindly appreciate your consideration. I couldn’t be more excited to attend the conference and join this community of professionals. I’m certain that it’s a good investment in training for me and our entire team.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly _Employee’s Name_