Guest Speaker

Thomas Kramer

Co-Founder & CEO
Measure Studio

Thomas Kramer is an entrepreneur focused on improving the social media and digital publishing ecosystem with technology. His mission is improving the creator’s experience with data, so that they are able to produce content in a more informed, efficient, and healthy way.

As Co-Founder & CEO at Measure Studio, Thomas leads the team building the best-in-class social performance analysis solution in market. TodayMeasure Studio powers social insights for Vox, The Verge, IGN, Mashable, Popsugar, Thrillist, The BBC, FaZe Clan, The Obama Foundation, more.

Prior to Measure Studio, Thomas as Co-Founder & COO at Paladin Software, where he led operations, product, and finance. Paladin exited to Brandwatch in 2022.

Prior to Paladin, Thomas led YouTube Content Strategy & Optimization at The Walt Disney Company, following their acquisition of Maker Studios. There he developed and implemented audience growth strategy for top Disney brands and YouTube creators.

When free time presents itself, he enjoys doing stereotypical dad stuff, including camping, home renovation projects, and grilling.