Guest Speaker

Ben Cathers

Global Principal Solutions Consultant

Ben has almost 20 years of experience in social media and strategic solution development. At just 12-years-old, he co-founded phatStart LLC, an online community that gained 300 million impressions per month and included clients such as Microsoft, Sega, and Disney. Before joining the Hootsuite team, Ben held strategic advisor roles at Appinions, Lightspeed Financial, and Social Chorus. He has a proven track record helping clients deliver on their social media initiatives, realize value from their enterprise solution deployments, and achieve tangible ROI.

Ben holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Questrum School of Business at Boston University where he was awarded the inaugural Peter R Russo Award for Entrepreneurship. He has shared his experience, insights and expertise at events including SIFMA Annual, International Trader’s Expo, GSMCON, DoDIIS and DINFOS. As well as this, he has been quoted in the NY Times & Wall Street Journal regarding social media and has been published in FCW, Nextgov and GCN.