Uniting Marketers: Why #SMDayPHL Matters Even More This Year

Posted By: Cassandra Bailey, Slice Communications, Social Media Day Philadelphia

An Interview with Cassandra Bailey, the Founder of Social Media Day Philadelphia

For the launch of our blog, we’re excited to interview Cass Bailey, the Founder of Social Media Day Philadelphia. Additionally, she is the Founder and CEO of Slice Communications, a leading marketing and communications agency located in Philadelphia. 

Today, we’re excited to talk to Cass and find out more about why Social Media Day Philadelphia is happening this year, what it’s going to look like, and why the marketing and communications industry need to band together more than ever.

To start off: how are you doing Cass?

It’s hard to explain how I’m doing with one feeling or reflection.  The world around us is very complicated and complex.  That said, one thing has always been and will always be true: I believe in the dignity of all people, I stand against discrimination of all kinds, and I advocate that black lives matter.  I’m feeling sad for people who suffer injustice and have lost their lives, for people who are so angry they want to break something, and for small business owners who have had their things broken.  I also feel optimistic about all the work smart people are doing to improve and reinvent systems that are supposed to serve us all equally but are failing to do so.  And I’m determined to ensure that people working in digital marketing and communications get the education and support we need to face these and the challenges presented by COVID-19.

What inspired you to start Social Media Day Philadelphia?

Social Media Day was founded by Mashable some years ago as a global celebration of social media’s role in our businesses, our communities, and our society.  When it became apparent that no one else in Philadelphia was doing this work here, we decided to step in and fill the gap.  We believe that Philadelphia has a world-class digital communications community, and we should have a world-class Social Media Day.  Six years later, we do.

With everything happening in the world, why is Social Media Day still being hosted?

It’s precisely because of everything happening in the world today that our team decided we needed to do it.  Quite often, social media professionals are on the front lines of communication through change.  We bear the brunt of unhappy customers, we get the complaints from disgruntled fans and followers, we hear it from our communities when our words aren’t sensitive or are tone deaf.  This is incredibly hard and stressful work.  It’s also changing all the time.  Social Media Day is about getting us all together to share stories, experiences, learnings, best practices, and pitfalls.  We need to come together more than ever to learn from each other.  And we’re so thankful to our sponsors who are sticking with us and helping us make it happen.

What are you most excited about for the 2020 conference?

I’m super excited that we will be able to share Social Media Day Philadelphia with the entire country.  Anyone from anywhere can log in this year and connect with us – and we truly hope they do.  We’re asking everyone to share with their entire networks and help us make sure anyone working in any form of digital communications knows they can join us to learn.

I’m also really excited about our partnership with Fuel the Fight.  Every ticket purchased will pay a chef to prepare a meal for a frontline worker.  This year’s event will support small businesses, healthcare workers, and the digital community.  It really couldn’t be better.

What do you see happening to Social Media Day Philadelphia in the future?

That’s a question I hope this community answers together.  We decided to make Social Media Day Philadelphia an independent nonprofit organization, and following this year’s event we’ll start work on a strategic plan.  We have some very big ideas.

Thank you to Cass for her insights on the value of Social Media Day Philadelphia today and for her emphasis on the need for marketing and communications professionals to unite and support each other. Register for this year’s virtual conference now to see our lineup of amazing speakers!

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